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Copyright 1996 by Lee Bee Teik

Listen To The Stories
Four Bible Stories Retold with Exercises for Group Discussions

107 pages, 11cm x 18cm
1996, ReconRe Sdn Bhd

This is a simple collection of four gospel stories retold and rewritten to fit our 20th century Malaysian Christian understanding. It is an effort which author Lee Bee Teik hopes will prove to be an encouragement and launching pad for others to also try their hand at Christian drama and creative arts.

This little book of parables attempts to present Christ not as someone remote and far away, but as a person close and familiar. Readers will be pleased to see that His life story is transported into contemporary Malaysian life in a way whch reflects His humanity and immediacy. Jesus is someone who loves to mingle with the thronging crowds, becoming one of them in order to show them the way home.


About the Author
Dr Lee Bee Teik, a graduate in Medicine from Monash University, Australia, is the Chaplain of ReconRe, a ministry founded on reconciliation. She is married to Rev Hwa Yung, Principal of Seminari Theologi Malaysia, and they have three children. Her other books include "Deepening Joy" (SU/FES) and "Building a Love House is Hard Work" (Malaysian CARE). She is a full-time homemaker with a home-based ministry of writing and pastoral counselling.

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia / Cataloguing-in-Publication Data
Lee, Bee Teik
Listen To The Stories: Four Bible Stories Retold With Exercises For Group Discussions / Lee Bee Teik
ISBN 983-9398-02-4
1. Bible Stories. 2. Bible-Parables. 3.Jesus Christ-Parables. I. Title. 220.9505
Cover Design & Layout : Esther Mui
Cover Photo: Teresa Wong
Printer: Academe Art and Printing Services Sdn Bhd