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Copyright 1996 by Lee Bee Teik

Listen To God's Whispers
81 pages, 11cm x 18cm
1996, ReconRe Sdn Bhd

Learning how to be still so that God is free to reveal something of Himself to enrich and deepen us expresses the heart of this book of devotions. This book is a timely reminder that the pressures of a hectic and busy life need not draw us away from God. Instead, in the midst of busy routines, Lee Bee Teik shares that God continually speaks words of encouragement, rest and healing to our souls.

This book draws upon devotional readings and the shared experiences of the writer herself to help us stay tuned to God's "still, small voice" that brings us peace and assurance despite the hustle and bustle of modern life.


 About the Author
Dr Lee Bee Teik, a graduate in Medicine from Monash University, Australia, is the Chaplain of ReconRe, a ministry founded on reconciliation. She is married to Rev Hwa Yung, Principal of Seminari Theologi Malaysia, and they have three children. Her other books include "Deepening Joy" (SU/FES) and "Building a Love House is Hard Work" (Malaysian CARE). She is a full-time homemaker with a home-based ministry of writing and pastoral counselling.

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia / Cataloguing-in-Publication Data
Lee, Bee Teik
Listen to God's Whispers / Lee Bee Teik
ISBN 983-9398-00-8
1. Christianity. 2. Meditations. 3.Bible Meditations. 4. Christianity-Prayer-books and devetions. I. Title. 248.34
Cover Design & Layout : Esther Mui
Cover Photo: Teresa Wong
Printer: Academe Art and Printing Services Sdn Bhd

Chapter 32, page 44 - The Master Knows Better

When Jesus' disciples obeyed Him by throwing out their fishing nets when He told them to, He gave them 153 large fishes, more than what they achieved by themselves the whole night long & Therefore, as our Master, Jesus sees our genuine earthly needs, He will provide us with more than what we can ever earn by ourselves. In fact, knowing that we are tired, He may even cook breakfast for us just as He did for Peter and his friends.

MEDITATION: John 21:5-12

" & Friends, haven't you any fish? & Throw your net on the right of your boat and you will find some & Bring some of the fish you have just caught & Come and have breakfast & ".

Feedback from Reader

"God's words spoke to me ...."

"The words must be from Him..... they are like food to place in the hands of starving people....."