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Copyright 1996 by Lee Bee Teik

Listen To The Children
A collection of conversations to help adults understand children
76 pages, 11cm x 18cm
1996, ReconRe Sdn Bhd

This is a collection of conversations to help adults look at the world from the eyes of a child. Accompanied by cartoon illustrations, it is a heart-warming peek int the innocent and not so innocent minds of children as
they try to make sense of the strange adult world that surrounds them.

The author, Lee Bee Teik, has drawn out the humour and cheekiness of the children in each event she records. But the liveliness of the conversations is original to the children themsleves! Listening to them express themselves in the natural surrounding of homes and school will surely remind even the crustiest adult of the forgotten joys of being a child.

Lee Bee Teik hopes her readers will be stirred to re-learn the simple faith of the child in our heavenly Father from this simple book. Furthermore, she prays that the adults reading this book will come to a deeper appreciation of the children under their care, and be encouraged to foster their spiritual and emotional development in an environment of listening acceptance and loving discipline.




About the Author
Dr Lee Bee Teik, a graduate in Medicine from Monash University, Australia, is the Chaplain of ReconRe, a ministry founded on reconciliation. She is married to Rev Hwa Yung, Principal of Seminari Theologi Malaysia, and they have three children. Her other books include "Deepening Joy" (SU/FES) and "Building a Love House is Hard Work" (Malaysian CARE). She is a full-time homemaker with a home-based ministry of writing and pastoral counselling.

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia / Cataloguing-in-Publication Data
Lee, Bee Teik
Listen to the Children / Lee Bee Teik
ISBN 983-9398-04-0
1. Children of God. 2.Children and adults. 3.Confession of Children. 4. Children (Christian theology). I. Title. 248.82
Cover Design & Layout : Esther Mui
Cover Photo: Teresa Wong
Illustrations: Oh Chin Ee
Printer: Printmate Sdn Bhd