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  Handbook for Pastor's Wife
- English, Armour Publishing, Singapore


A Handbook for the Pastor?s Wife is an attempt to reach out to women who are married to full-time Christian pastors or contemplating being married to pastors.  The goal of this Handbook is to prepare pastoral couples for the twenty-first century by helping the pastor?s wife to:

  • Know God as Father, Provider, Protector, Counsellor, Friend and Bridegroom.
  • Know herself as a woman, wife and mother.
  • Discover her special gifts and weaknesses.
  • Plan her personal, family and ministry life as a child of God placed in a unique position for church nurture.

A sample chapter of this book can be download at here (PDF, 200KB)


  1. Her Relationship with God
  2. Her Relationship with Herself
  3. Her Relationship with Her Husband
  4. Her Relationship with Her Children
  5. Her Relationship with Church Members
  6. Her Understanding of Her Husband?s Ministry Needs

Epilogue: Freedom in Christ
Lee Bee Teik is a medical doctor who has become a full-time homemaker. She is married to Dr (Rev) Hwa Yung, Bishop of The Methodist Church in Malaysia, and they have three children. The author is also the founding director and chaplain of Reconre Ministries, a ministry which serves full-time Christian workers through quiet retreats and the wider Christian public through her writing and the training of lay pastoral counsellors. She also provides pastoral counselling to pastoral families and conducts quiet retreats for small groups. Bee Teik is the author of several books.

A Handbook for the Pastor?s Wife retails at S$18.00 for paperback. You may order via email at or call 65-6276-9976 [Ext 212] for bulk purchase and enquiries.