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  Experiencing the HEART of Pastoral Counselling
A Guide to Receiving God's Healing Grace


In this comprehensive guide book on the heart of pastoral counselling, the author delves into areas where God's deep transformation is anticipated in the readers' lives. She reveals how God sees us as we are with all our hangups which affect our personal and interpersonal relationships. As we allow God to work in us and draw us closer to Him, we shall be more prepared to be His channel of grace to help others deal with their inner spiritual, mental and emotional traumas. This book is best used when the reader, on his own or with a few friends, prayerfully reads and reflects on each chapter at a time - pondering, journaling, crying, praying, laughing and being changed - with Jesus by his side.

A sample chapter of this book can be download at here (PDF, 580KB)

Topics covered in this practical guide book include:
• Our Distorted Image of God
• Dynamics of the Counselling and Healing Process
• Celebration of Discipline and Giftedness
• Perfectionism
• Human Sexuality
• Mind Your Language
• The Eight Stages of Life
• Freedom and Morality
• The Forgotten Teenagers
• Knowing and Doing God’s Will
• Forgiveness and Reconciliation
• Caring for Carers
• Personal Reflections

Epilogue: Freedom in Christ
Lee Bee Teik (MBBS, Monash University) practised medicine till she turned full-time homemaker. She is married to Rev Dr Hwa Yung, the Bishop of The Methodist Church in Malaysia and they have three adult children. Having heard God’s call for her to write in 1992, Bee Teik has penned several books on listening prayer and issues about being human. She is also the founding director of Reconre Ministries, a ministry which serves full-time Christian workers and the wider Christian public through her writing, lay pastoral counselling, silent/quiet retreats and training seminars.