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Letters to Pastors and their Families
Below are some letters to Pastors and their Families which you might also find useful.

Disobey Me For Your Brother's Sake ? - 2 Corinthians 6:3

"What a paradox...You asked.

'Father, is it OK to slow down your vision for the sake of not stumbling my brother?'

Come, let us negotiate.

You were anxious not to let his disbelief of My word through you prevent him from hearing Me for himself. You were willing to suffer discipline from Me for his sake. Then, my child, My answer is:

Yes, it is OK to disobey Me for the sake of not stumbling your brother in this situation.

I understand your burden and do not hold you responsible for not repeating My word to him. It is not your personal decision to disobey Me; it is not your fault. Though it is still My will for your team to obey Me in this issue, I give you the authority to decide.

If, in your comprehension, for the sake of a brother's good, you withhold your obeying Me, I will give you another way to do the same. Was it not like that when you submitted to your parents by not attending seminary after high school? Did not I change your university years to a training ground for today's ministry?

Because I know you care for him, I will open his eyes to see Me, his ears to hear Me as never before! I will cause him to know that I am God, and he is not. I will purify him for the sake of My Name. He, too, is precious to Me. I will take care of him.

I will also take care of the work I gave you. You may rest now."

Genesis 18:16-33 


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