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Letters to Pastors and their Families
Below are some letters to Pastors and their Families which you might also find useful.

Do Not Struggle - Isaiah 54:7-8

"Son, why do you struggle like a fish out of water? Why do you flip-flop as if you will never be placed in life-saving water again? Yes, I feel your confusion and your lostness as you wonder why I allow you to endure a broken marriage. It has even caused some of your former dreams to fly out of your hands... out of control. Controlled...indeed, that has been the way you were brought up; controlled...that has been the way you were used to functioning till today.

Remember, My son, not all control is in your hands or in your father's hands. My fruit of self-control is the ability to so take charge of yourself so that you may give yourself freely to others what I have given you. Control is not to be used to take charge of others, but to be used to take charge of yourself so that you may give yourself fully back to Me. Only then can I flow smoothly through you to others you meet.

Let go of others, My beloved, and let go of yourself. Drop your own ideas of Me and of My purposes for you and I will show Myself to you. It is is safe...though you may feel strange and lighter, I am still with you... I am still the same...

Be yourself, My son, be yourself...for you cannot be Me."

Isaiah 30:15-18


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This chapter is dedicated to all pastors, their wives and children and lay leaders of God' family
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