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Title: I Love God And I Love My Grandpa
Date: 01-Apr-2001

Jia En wept uncontrollably in church last Sunday. While she was hundreds of miles away, her beloved Grandpa suddenly died two weeks ago. She could control her tears unless asked by friends, "How are you?" She had two reasons for her sorrow.

Firstly, she grew up in a household under the loving eyes of Grandpa and Grandma. If only she had had a chance to say "Good-bye" to him, she would have been satisfied. But it was too late to long for him now. Jia En could no longer show her love for her Grandpa now that he was dead.

Secondly, since she had become God’s child over a year ago, she would not participate fully in the funeral rites that her non-Christian family used. She could no longer kneel to anyone except to her beloved Saviour and Master who died for her. For this, she was severely reprimanded by the sister closest to her. In her sister’s eyes, she had changed; she was no longer Grandpa’s filial grand-daughter.

Jia En felt deeply hurt, confused and guilty both ways…if she submitted to her family, she would be guilty before God. If she submitted to God, she would be guilty before her family. She was almost torn apart in her soul between obeying the God she now worshipped and obeying the wishes of her elders whom she loved and, indeed, seemed to know better.

Father, comfort her, I pray. Hold her close to You in her grief and assure her of Your unconditional love for her. Help her to feel Your presence; bring her confused mind to clear thinking again; comfort her broken heart. Father, please show her that Your way of forgiveness and persistent love will prevail. Take her through the lonely path of grief. Sort out for her the difference between true and false guilt so that she will emerge from this experience stronger than when she entered into it with You.

In Your Son’s Name I ask, Amen.

For Meditation and Prayer:
Luke 14:25-27
Ephesians 6:1-3
James 1:5

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