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It’s Time to Move On

When God says to us,

“Come on, it’s time to move on…”

He takes us personally by our hands and provides everything that is necessary for that trip.


Matthew 4:19,20

"...Come, follow Me...and I will make you fishers of men." 

Matthew 6:25-34

"'Therefore, I tell you, do not worry about your life... what you will eat or drink...or...wear...Your heavenly Father knows that you need them.'" 

Philippians 4:13,19

"And my God will meet all your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ Jesus."


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01-Dec-2003 It Takes a Life-time
To be born again in the Lord may just take a moment but to prepare to meet with Him face to face takes a life-time.
01-Nov-2003 Think About These Things
Jesus, the Lamb of God sacrificed, became the Good Shepherd; Jesus, whose poor parents were rejected...
01-Oct-2003 Returning My Heart
When I learn to obey God in love, it does not mean that He has stolen my heart; my heart has merely returned to...
01-Sep-2003 Not Instant
Sanctification, like spiritual formation, is a life-long process on earth, not an instant cure for all problems.
01-Aug-2003 When You Cannot Sleep
If the Lord allows us to be awake at night, He might be asking us to change our minds over certain decisions we...
01-Jul-2003 Hidden for a Purpose
To spend resources of time and expenses for periods of quietness with God seems a great waste to many Christians...
01-Jun-2003 Moods
The harmony within our inner and outer lives has been so damaged that when God intervenes with His healing grace,...
01-May-2003 Personally Invited?
One morning, as I prepared to partake the Lord’s supper with my brethren at a retreat, the Saviour met me at the...
01-Apr-2003 Be an Asian
When our Lord pretends to wave goodbye, be a true Asian…invite Him in for a drink. You may yet be surprised by joy...
01-Mar-2003 When the Master Pretends
When the Lord Jesus pretends to be ignorant, don’t talk too much! Instead, listen – for He may have something...
01-Feb-2003 The Master Knows Better
When Jesus’ disciples obeyed Him by throwing out their fishing nets where He told them to, He gave them 153...
01-Jan-2003 Burning Hearts
To read the Scriptures and sense our hearts burning within us as He speaks to our listening ears is joy...
01-Dec-2002 Frustration Through Wrong Expectation
We must be careful not to expect from others (including parents, spouses and children) or self what only Christ can...
01-Nov-2002 The Parable of a Traffic Jam
To persuade someone to follow God's will can be really traumatic for the persuader, especially if he is of a...
01-Oct-2002 It’s Time to Move On
To persuade someone to follow God's will can be really traumatic for the persuader, especially if he is of a...
01-Sep-2002 Dwelling in the Great “I AM”
Knowing that we belong to the great “I AM” is to dwell secure in His unchanging identity!
01-Aug-2002 Individualism in Exchange for Identity and Personality
In any meaningful relationship, each person loses her husk of individualism but gains her identity as a human being...
01-Jul-2002 Do You Wonder?
Do you wonder why Jesus gave more specific instructions to the eight disciples who were further from Him than to...
01-Jun-2002 His Job, My Job?
Peter aggressively tried to do Jesus' job for Him but forgot to fulfil his own!
01-May-2002 To Bypass or to Submit
Looking at the conditions of our lives at home, in church and in society, one wonders whether or not we make...

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