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No Condemnation....Just Love

One night, I was exhausted and overburdened with a deep sense of guilt-false and real. Prayers could not be expressed to Him; eyes could not read His word. Then, as I climbed into my bed, God put me to restful sleep with these words....

"No condemnation...just love...and love...and love..."

I literally felt as if I was crawling into my heavenly Father's lap and cuddling into sweet slumber in His loving arms....I sobbed like a little child, hurt by the happenings too complicated for me to understand..... ...and fell asleep while a voice in me echoed: "He gives to His beloved sleep."


Psalm 127:2

"....for He grants sleep to those He loves."

Romans 8:1-4

"Therefore, there is now no condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus...."

John 3:16-17

"....For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him."


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01-Mar-2001 A Learning Process
If we do not learn to hear Him in the routines of daily life, we may not be able to hear Him in our times of crises.
01-Aug-2005 All is Not Wasted
Little children should be seen but not heard...Only in middle age have I come to see how God used this distorted...
01-Feb-2002 Allowed to Choose
As I pondered over the differences in the three groups of people in the Garden of Gethsemane (eight at a distance...
01-Apr-2003 Be an Asian
When our Lord pretends to wave goodbye, be a true Asian…invite Him in for a drink. You may yet be surprised by joy...
01-Nov-1999 Bitterness May Lead To Sweetness and Health
As we approach the beginning of the 21st century, how should we view earthly life and how should we conduct...
01-Jan-2003 Burning Hearts
To read the Scriptures and sense our hearts burning within us as He speaks to our listening ears is joy...
01-Jul-2002 Do You Wonder?
Do you wonder why Jesus gave more specific instructions to the eight disciples who were further from Him than to...
01-Feb-2004 Don't Argue but Discuss
God requires of us only what we can afford...and that would be as valuable to Him as another person's gift, whether...
01-Jul-2004 Don't Envy
Many teenagers and young adults only see their friends' material wealth and their apparent freedom to enjoy "the...
01-Sep-2002 Dwelling in the Great “I AM”
Knowing that we belong to the great “I AM” is to dwell secure in His unchanging identity!
01-Sep-1999 Friends
As Jesus is our Friend, so are we to be to one another in Him, whether we always feel we like each other or not....
01-May-2001 Friends
As Jesus is our Friend, so are we to be to one another in Him, whether we always feel we like each other or not....
01-Aug-2000 From Listen to God’s Whispers
Many Christians in our nation today are getting busier in the midst of increasing pressures to perform in order...
01-Dec-2002 Frustration Through Wrong Expectation
We must be careful not to expect from others (including parents, spouses and children) or self what only Christ can...
01-Sep-2001 God Uses Dreams
Sometimes God uses dreams to keep us from falling into dangers or temptations.
01-Mar-2005 God's Calculations versus Ours
* The world deems: 1 1= 0 God says: 1 1= much John 12:24 * The world deems: 1+1= 2 G...
01-Jan-2001 He Whispers Gently
Since God usually speaks gently and softly, how are we to hear Him in the hustle and bustle of our days unless...
01-Jul-2003 Hidden for a Purpose
To spend resources of time and expenses for periods of quietness with God seems a great waste to many Christians...
01-Jun-2002 His Job, My Job?
Peter aggressively tried to do Jesus' job for Him but forgot to fulfil his own!
16-Apr-2018 I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts

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