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Don't Argue but Discuss

I've come to learn that when the holy God speaks, we don't argue!

Nevertheless, He allows us to discuss till His thoughts become our thoughts and His ways, our ways.


Exodus 3:7-4:18
"The Lord said...But Moses said to God...And God said...Moses said to God... God said to Moses...God also said to Moses...Moses answered...Then the Lord said to him...Moses said to the Lord...The Lord said to him... ..But Moses said... Then the Lord's anger burned against Moses..."

Luke 1:11-22
" Then an angel of the Lord appeared to him... then angel said to him...Zecharia asked the angel, 'How can I be sure of this?...' The angel answered, '...And now you will silent and not able to speak until the day this happens, because you did not believe my words, which will come true at the proper time.'...When he came out, he could not speak to them..."


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01-Mar-2001 A Learning Process
If we do not learn to hear Him in the routines of daily life, we may not be able to hear Him in our times of crises.
01-Aug-2005 All is Not Wasted
Little children should be seen but not heard...Only in middle age have I come to see how God used this distorted...
01-Feb-2002 Allowed to Choose
As I pondered over the differences in the three groups of people in the Garden of Gethsemane (eight at a distance...
01-Apr-2003 Be an Asian
When our Lord pretends to wave goodbye, be a true Asian…invite Him in for a drink. You may yet be surprised by joy...
01-Nov-1999 Bitterness May Lead To Sweetness and Health
As we approach the beginning of the 21st century, how should we view earthly life and how should we conduct...
01-Jan-2003 Burning Hearts
To read the Scriptures and sense our hearts burning within us as He speaks to our listening ears is joy...
01-Jul-2002 Do You Wonder?
Do you wonder why Jesus gave more specific instructions to the eight disciples who were further from Him than to...
01-Feb-2004 Don't Argue but Discuss
God requires of us only what we can afford...and that would be as valuable to Him as another person's gift, whether...
01-Jul-2004 Don't Envy
Many teenagers and young adults only see their friends' material wealth and their apparent freedom to enjoy "the...
01-Sep-2002 Dwelling in the Great “I AM”
Knowing that we belong to the great “I AM” is to dwell secure in His unchanging identity!
01-Sep-1999 Friends
As Jesus is our Friend, so are we to be to one another in Him, whether we always feel we like each other or not....
01-May-2001 Friends
As Jesus is our Friend, so are we to be to one another in Him, whether we always feel we like each other or not....
01-Aug-2000 From Listen to God’s Whispers
Many Christians in our nation today are getting busier in the midst of increasing pressures to perform in order...
01-Dec-2002 Frustration Through Wrong Expectation
We must be careful not to expect from others (including parents, spouses and children) or self what only Christ can...
01-Sep-2001 God Uses Dreams
Sometimes God uses dreams to keep us from falling into dangers or temptations.
01-Mar-2005 God's Calculations versus Ours
* The world deems: 1 1= 0 God says: 1 1= much John 12:24 * The world deems: 1+1= 2 G...
01-Jan-2001 He Whispers Gently
Since God usually speaks gently and softly, how are we to hear Him in the hustle and bustle of our days unless...
01-Jul-2003 Hidden for a Purpose
To spend resources of time and expenses for periods of quietness with God seems a great waste to many Christians...
01-Jun-2002 His Job, My Job?
Peter aggressively tried to do Jesus' job for Him but forgot to fulfil his own!
16-Apr-2018 I will stand at my watch and station myself on the ramparts

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