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Letters to Pastors and their Families
Below are some letters to Pastors and their Families which you might also find useful.

Hear and Obey - Zechariah 9:9-13

"A brother challenged you:

'You mean you can hear God better than me?! I have a problem with that! You must use persuasion to move me!'

You were stunned. It has not occur to you that you heard Me better. You felt trapped because of your obedience to Me...thinking it would be better not to have heard Me than to have heard and not know how to respond when challenged like that! You cried,

"Father, it is so tiring and lonely... I feel your presence but cannot hear your voice...O Lord, please let me hear the sound of Your voice again...for I cannot live without hearing you. If I have been foolishly angry at You for giving me a job I never ask for, a job that has landed with me in such an awkwardly painful situation...My Father, where I have been so mad with You...please forgive me, I pray...'

Lie on My breast, lean on Me and rest for a while. I understand all your sorrows...when you are crushed, so am I, for did not all the religious leaders of My days say the same things to Me? I hear your cries, I feel your tears and I let you hear My voice again...My child, I do not condemn you... My little lamb, come rest in My arms."

Mark 6:30-31


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