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Tips to Pastoral Counselling
Below are a couple of dozen short tips to Pastoral Counselling that might be useful for you!

Why Relinquish, Lord?

“Will my son live or die?” I asked the Lord one day. There was no answer. On I trudged between hospital and home for weeks. Soon, the false guilt of a mother in pain was washed out by the deep comfort from above and within…I saw the Lord sitting a shady tree, welcoming two small children, as I brought them to Him. Having placed them on His lap, He spoke ever so kindly to me….“Mum, you may go now…I’ll take care of them for you." Just as I turned to depart to return to daily chores, my son looked at me. Waving goodbye, he said cheerfully, "Mum, don’t worry, the Lord will take care of us!" "Relinquish!” the Lord seem to say, “Relinquish them to Me!" I did…and He gave them back to me! "Mysterious are Your ways, my Lord, mysterious are Your ways indeed.” “Brokenhearted, I felt I’d lose my son to God;

So daily to Him I brought every thought.
He then closely held me close to Him,
Reassuring me with this theme…..

“Ask not why your child is ill,
Nor why he’s irritable still.
Trust Me to know what’s for him best,
Come, you and yours, in Me find rest.”

For Meditation and Prayer:
Exodus 2:7-10
John 19:26-27


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