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Tips to Pastoral Counselling
Below are a couple of dozen short tips to Pastoral Counselling that might be useful for you!

Father, Please Take A Seat and Wait

All right, all right, Father...there are so many things to learn and to do. That is why I find it so difficult to sit at Your feet to listen to You and chit-chat. May I be excused? Father, please take a seat and wait...No?...Why?

"Because I love you, My child. I do not want to miss out on our fellowship together. You know, those who love one another desire to be together as much as possible…working – Yes; reading My word – Yes; attending seminars to learn how to serve Me – Yes; etc. But My heart's greatest desire is for you to become more like My Son, regain that image which you have lost. True, you will be like Him completely one day and so become like Me. But how long that process takes depends on how much you desire to be completely Mine. Further, the process started on earth is also for others to see Me in you so that they too will want to return to Me. Therefore, take time to be with Me, My child, and learn of gentleness and in humility."

For Meditation and Prayer:
Luke 10:38-42; Matthew 11:28-30


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