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Tips to Pastoral Counselling
Below are a couple of dozen short tips to Pastoral Counselling that might be useful for you!

Child or No Child

Why, Lord, why can't I give birth to my own child, my own flesh and blood? Does it hurt You when You meet mothers who complain that their children are preventing them from fulfilling their ambitions in the world outside their homes? Some are so fertile that they will do all they can to prevent conception. All this seems so unfair because women like me will do anything to have children, yet we cannot. Lord, please help me make some sense out of all this, I pray.

"My daughter, I feel your frustration in not able to be what most married women hope to be...mothers of their own sons and daughters. I feel your sense of injustice that those who do not want anymore children have them easily while those who want children are barren. I understand, too, the sense of hidden anger you feel against Me because you believe that all life comes from Me.

I want to tell you today, My beloved daughter, that I love you still and always will, more than your husband or your longed- for children ever can. Ultimately, it matters not whether you have your own children, but it matters that you are faithful in caring for those I have placed within your reach. Today is the day for kindness; today is the day for pouring out your love to others willingly and My love fills you to overflowing. Do not withhold love from others now in fear of not having enough left for the child you long for so much. My daughter, give, give and give...and leave the question of your fertility to Me."

For Meditation and Prayer:
Isaiah 54:1-8


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