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Tips to Pastoral Counselling
Below are a couple of dozen short tips to Pastoral Counselling that might be useful for you!


Siew Cheng is grieving for her late husband. They loved each other very much. He was her spiritual mentor. Why did You take him away from her? She cannot comprehend Your action. She feels angry that You do not love her any more. When she tries to express her honest feelings with close friends, they do not seem to understand. They counsel her not to recall the past any longer. This, of course, multiplies her agonies. So, here she is, still badly missing her husband after three long years. If only someone would lend a listening ear to her recollection of those memories of her husband and her doubts of the reality of Your love, I believe that the barriers to Your love, and healing, will come tumbling down. Nightly, she cries:

"My God, my God, I missed the husband You gave cherish and to care for...'Till death do us part'...that vow was so simple on our wedding day, all was beauty and joy. Little did I realise that the reality of death would come so soon...too soon, my Father I grieve for I long for his hand to hold I remember his encouragement and leadership in my walk with You. Now that Ah Seng is gone, I feel so lost...Does anybody really understand this pain? Can anyone really feel with me? Father in heaven, careth Thou not that I am hurting?"

Jesus cried out on the cross," My God, My God, why has You forsaken me?"

For Meditation and Prayer:
Mark 15:34
Luke 7:11
John 11:35


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