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Tips to Pastoral Counselling
Below are a couple of dozen short tips to Pastoral Counselling that might be useful for you!


January 1971. The moment came for me to leave my parents’ nest in Penang. Time to spread my wings and fly into the whole wide world on my own. For the first time in my life, I owned a suitcase, and seemed ready to take care of myself. I thanked God for the kind people I met all the way from Penang to the Essendon Airport in Melbourne, Australia. On landing, my brother picked me up and we headed for the central post office to telegram Mum and Dad that I had arrived safely. It was Sunday. Most shops were closed. The huge flat sprawling city appeared lonely and isolated. We took a short ride to the students’ house in Parkville that was to be home for me for the next twelve months.

Brother told me to unpack while he prepared some food. I snapped open my precious suitcase, brought out gifts for him and, all of a sudden, burst into torrents of tears!!

I coudn’t help it, Lord. I cried and cried for seemingly nothing! There I was -  free to choose what I wanted to eat or wear, free to choose my own friends, free to study whatever course I wanted to opt for, yet, I cried. My heart ached for the next few days while Brother tried his best to introduce Melbourne to me.

Subsequently, peace reigned within me again. No more tears, no more nauseating homesickness. I found new friends, new work, and a renewed enthusiasm to be my best for You once more. Thank You, Father, for going through that experience of homesickness with me.

For Meditation and Prayer

John 14:18

Romans 12:15









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