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Tips to Pastoral Counselling
Below are a couple of dozen short tips to Pastoral Counselling that might be useful for you!

Scatter Us, We Pray

To remind myself of Georgetown in Penang, my beloved “kampung”, I visited Melaka town. I took a bus to shop around and then returned by another bus route…all the way one-way street-lah! As I was not familiar with the locations of the bus stops, I requested the bus driver to stop at the Balai Polis for me. He could not understand what I was saying as the Balai Polis was on a different route. On hearing the confusion, a man sitting behind me readily offered the clarification which put both the bus driver and me in the right direction. I had referred to the Balai Raya as the Balai Polis. The lady by my side also smiled approvingly to reassure me that all was well. The local Melakans’ politeness and helpfulness left a great impression on me. They had accepted me though I couldn’t speak Bahasa Malaysia well, especially when I was born and bred in Malaysia. I felt  very much at home and one with them as we journeyed on. No wonder then, that foreign tourists generally appreciate our heartwarming Malaysian hospitality.

Thank You, Father, for making us Malaysians for You. Through this multiracial and multicultural training home-ground, hone us and scatter us to all peoples of the world, we pray.

For Meditation and Prayer

Mark 16:15-20

Acts 8:1


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