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Tips to Pastoral Counselling
Below are a couple of dozen short tips to Pastoral Counselling that might be useful for you!

Lord, Did You Thank Mary?

Melbourne, December 1971. I received the first pay packet of my life. I held about A$25 in my hands, the fruit of my labour at the Kodak Factory in the suburb of Coburg, while waiting for my matriculation results. I wanted to thank You, my God, for seeing me through the year of loneliness in a strange land and also for all that You had been to me since childhood. But I couldn’t buy something for You, Lord, for You didn’t need anything from me! So I bought a really smart-looking handbag for Mum. She took care of us so well and was always there for us! As I sent it back to Penang for her, I felt so good to be able to do something for her in return, something done out of my sweat, to show her I understood how much she had sacrificed for us.

Lord, do You understand what I am trying to express? I wonder how You thanked Mary, Your earthly Mum.

For Meditation and Prayer
John 2:3,5,7,8,10,11
John 19:26-27


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